2018 Arizona State JOAD Outdoor Championship

Ben Avery Shooting Facility FITA Range
Star FITA Registered
37016 N Archery Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85086

April 28th & April 29th, 2018

 USAA-ARIZONA Outdoor JOAD Championship Format

Compound Bow, Recurve Bow, & Barebow – Two (2) – 36 arrow rounds for a total of 72 arrows and a max score of 720. Archers will shoot from the distance based upon age / class division.

Youth JOAD Divisions:

  • Recurve Junior shoot 70M
  • Recurve Cadet shoot 60M
  • Recurve Cub shoot 50M
  • Recurve Bowmen shoot 30M
  • Compound Cadet/Junior shoot 50M
  •  Compound Bowmen/Cub shoot 30M
  • Barebow Junior shoot 60M
  • Barebow Cadet shoot 50M
  • Barebow Cub shoot 40M
  • Barebow Bowmen shoot 20M

    Target Face Recurve and Barebow shooters will shoot at a 122cm target face. Compound shooters will shoot at a 80cm 6-ring target face. 

    MEMBERSHIP – USAA/NAA membership listing Arizona residence is required to compete for the State Championship recognition. If your USAA membership expires prior to the official start date of the tournament, a copy of your USAA membership renewal and payment must accompany your tournament Registration Form. Your application will not be considered complete until your current membership is on file with the USAA. All archers must show USAA membership card at the tournament registration table. Link to USA Archery – NAA Membership You can sign up for a tournament membership on line prior to the day of the event. No registrations available at the tournament

    USAA Arizona rules and procedures:

    USAA rules and Dress Code apply. Link to USAA RULES.)

    ***USAA Dress Code will be enforced…this includes official practice sessions***  NO CAMO, DENIM, LEGGINGS OR YOGA PANTS

     Arrow Requirements (World Archery, Book 3):

    • 11.1.7. Arrows of any type may be used provided they comply with the common meaning of the word “arrow” as used in target archery, and do not cause undue damage to target faces or butts.
    • All arrows of every athlete shall be marked with the athlete’s name or initials on the shaft. All arrows used in any end shall be identical and shall carry the same pattern and colour(s) of fletching, nocks and cresting, if any.
    • Tracer nocks (electrically/electronically lighted arrow nocks) are not allowed.

    “Junior” through the calendar year of their 20th birthday (Born in or after 1998) 
    “Cadet” through the calendar year of their 17th birthday (Born in or after 2001) 
    “Cub” through the calendar year of their 14th birthday (Born in or after 2004) 
    “Bowman” through the calendar year of their 12th birthday (Born in or after 2006) 

    Compound: per USA Archery Rules
    Barebow: per USA Archery Rules
    Recurve: per USA Archery Rules

    Hosted by: Corner Archery
    Tournament Director: Rhonda Crabtree

    Register Online at

    Payment is made at time of registration via Paypal. All Registrations must be paid via Paypal. No registration is complete until payment is made.


    • JOAD registration fee: $50.00

    • Late - JOAD registration fee ( April 20, 2018 or Later ): $70.00


    Registration is open until the venue is full, which may occur before the registration deadline of April 25th. NO SAME DAY REGISTRATION *********** Late registration accepted on space available basis *************  USAA AZ residents will be given registration preference

    Food / Beverages:

    • Val & Abel of Full Draw Bowhunters will be our food vendor for this event. They will be there for the full day on Saturday for both breakfast and lunch and on will there on Sunday morning. Please support our local 3D club and eat at the venue! Burritos, Burgers, and Hot Dogs, as well as other snacks!
    • Water will be free for all archers available near the D.O.S. stand.



    DAY 1  – Saturday, April 28th

    7:00 AM - Check In and Equipment Inspection

    7:45 AM - Official Practice

    8:15 AM - First 36 Arrow Qualification Round

    Time Unknown - 20 Minute Intermission

    Time Unknown - Second 36 Arrow Qualification Round

    Time Unknown - Awards

    Cancelled - 1:15 PM - Non Mandatory fun pin shoot.  Need a different distance pin?  This is your chance.  (Subject to change)


     DAY 2 – Sunday, April 29th

    7:45 AM - USAA AZ General Membership Meeting

    8:05 AM - Shooter Meeting for Elimination Round Instruction at D.O.S. Stand (Center of Field) (MANDATORY)

    8:15 AM - Official Practice

    8:45 AM - Start of Elimination Rounds

    Time Unknown - Awards

     Ruston Reynolds

    Ruston Reynolds